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Alternative Trick To Unlock Your Car Door When You Forget Your Keys Inside The Car

If you are someone like me, chances are that you have forgotten your car keys inside your car countless times. Yes, I can be nonchalant sometimes but am trying to minimize it..lol. To be honest,  itss usually a dilemma if you are far away from home where your spare key is or if you have no spare at all.

You however don’t have to worry much about looking for a locksmith when next you lock your keys in the car as you can try this genius trick. Locking your keys in your car is never fun, especially when you’re running late.

If you’re prone to this, keep a roll of string around, and you will never have to spend money on a locksmith again. All you need to do is to Just tie a knot in the string in such a way that it will create a loop that is the size of your index finger at the end.

After doing this, proceed to wiggle the string around the right side of the driver’s window. Now, holding the string with both hands, move it in a back-and-forth motion, the same way you will floss your big or giant tooth. Doing so will shift the string further down the window and toward the inside lock.

You have to be careful at this point as things may become tricky. Carefully manoeuvre the loop over the lock, pulling the ends of the string to tighten the loop at the same time. The moment you think you have a solid grip around the lock, gently pull up on it firmly to unlock the car door.

Voila! Your Car Door is unlocked and you are back on the road. Remember to save or bookmark this page and have the tips mentioned handy.

I know some people are not techy in nature, so if you feel you can follow the above instruction or don't understand it, please call a locksmith to unlock your car door for you. Don't start what you can't finish oooo.

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