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Windows 10 (OS) Update, A Nightmare To PC & Microsoft Users, Worst Is Cortana

Windows 10 (OS) Update, A Nightmare To PC & Microsoft Users, Worst Is Cortana

Sometimes I wonder why a huge company like Microsoft will mess up their product so bad that more than 90% of their customers are complaining bitterly. Right now, Microsoft Windows 10 operating system (OS) which is being forced on every PC's is a nightmare to people.

I've had rumors that Windows OS was found in Xeros's dumpster and I didn't believe it, but now, I'm inclined to believe these rumors. Else, why would a company like Microsoft design a crappy OS like Windows 10 and dump it on their customers? On every forum you head to online, every goddam person is complaining on one thing or the other.

First, Windows 10 was designed to automatically update itself once you are connected to the internet, given the user no options to either stop or continue the update which was present in other Windows versions before Windows 10. Secondly, foolish apps running in the background and causing the systems to lag.

No one wants a system that will delay workflow while its on an errand (sent from Microsoft). 
There isn't enough space here to keep sharing the experiences I and many have had with this crappy OS called Windows 10 and I hesitate to say this, Windows 10 sucks so bad that I want to throw-up. I miss Windows 7 and  even WindowsMe. Microsoft took away the simplicity Windows 7 had and added this annoying app driven constantly running in the background feature.

Those nonsense and foolish apps are constantly connecting to servers throughout the web, not to mention Microsoft's own embedded spy on the user settings which Anti-virus software see as spyware. 

To be perfectly honest, if you remove Windows 10 and install Windows 7 on today's Solid State hard drive driven PCs, it moves much faster than Windows 10. Worst innovation is the so called Cortana which is a total trash and always conflicting with the regular explorer search.  

One can't even install Windows 10 without running into one trouble or the other. Is either the Start Menu is not working, Edge and Media is not working, Taskbar is looked and not opening etc and the complain goes on and on and on without ending.. You can checkout forums and see more and more complains without any genuine fix.
What will I say and what will I leave unsaid? Even something as simple as setting your default browser take you to another screen where you have to setup your defaults using a window's app.  This was done with one click in Windows 7. The computer hardware is faster today, but Microsoft screwed that up with Windows 10.  Users are forced to install Windows 10 on their old systems, unaware that this OS needs a very fast processor and graphics card to operate correctly, which leads to crashes and BSOD.  

To compare Windows 10  to Windows 7 is equivalent to asking someone to go around a block  just to cross the street when they use to just walk right across. Too many more negatives to post but have got to stop here. But Bill Gate and Belmar need to know that my next stop is MAC. 

Common Microsoft, how do you take a perfectly working OS like Windows 10 (when it was first introduced) and screw it up so bad that you can't even do one thing without running to internet to browse one problem or the other. This is outrageous. Its not like Windows 10 was broken before.


Anonymous said...

Horrible article. How does this stuff get promoted? How can anybody who writes this drivel have a future as an author? Fiction, maybe? Seriously... if you just want to have an all-out bitch session, do it on Facebook... or join the angry kiddies on Twitter. What you don't like about Windows 10 is your own personal choice... don't write as though its a fact everybody agrees with.

Anonymous said...

What a well cited, thoughtful, and helpful analysis. -Nobody

I can understand being frustrated with a product, but this rant wouldn't even get published as an opinion piece from any media source worth actually paying for. You're allowed an opinion, but if you feel the need to publish it at least include useful and consistently accurate information.

Exlink Lodge said...

When one writes an article and come under heavy criticism, the reason that is, is because the article is true and stamped in heaven.

I don't expect few end users to agree with me on this but if you are an engineer and worth your salt, you will definitely understand that this article is nothing but the truth.

But if you are inclined to fake ignorance, you can browse any of the problems I mentioned in the article and see how many people complaining about it.

Am not taken down and i stand by it.

Anonymous said...

Your grammar and spelling is so bad, how can one not criticize your article? Perhaps a course in writing is in order.

Anonymous said...

I don't care if the author's grammar usage is wrong but he spoke my mind, if not the minds of many.

Windows 10 OS is total sh**t. Why won't MS allow me to update my system when I deem fit? Since their updates almost always messes things up?

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