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Real Men Go One Round And Sleep While Jobless Ones Will Die There - Actress Pat Ugwu

In the voice of Nkoli nwa Nsugbe "E speakilekwe biko, e na acomfuse my head biko". I don't understand women again at all. Each day that passes, they come up with words that confuses the male counterpart more and more regarding what they really want.

This curvy and beautiful Nollywood actress, Pat Ugwu wrote something on his Instagram wall and the havoc she's causing on social media right now is something worth giving credence to. Not to mention, it has gone viral already.

In a the post, she said real men go just one round and sleep off at night while jobless ones will want to die there. 

Those this mean ladies prefer the "real men that go just one round and sleep off"? Are they changing their tones now? I thought the real men are the ones that "do the thing wella" and last for 10 hours....lol. Why are they preferring the ones that goes one round and sleep off?

I think something is wrong with women and they have not figured what it is out. And am not gonna do it for them.

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