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Photo Of 39yrs Old Lady Kneeling To Serve Her 19yrs Old Hubby Breaks The Socials

Am gonna go over the leap or overboard to say having an affair with a "milf" or older women is the best thing in the world and God's gift to mankind but marrying them almost always spells doom. Yes is good to be with them for a night stand or for ocassional affairs cuz they love better and know better. Marrying them, hmmm won't even advice my enemy to do that. Of course am talking from experience.

Anyway, Photos of a 39 years old woman kneeling to serve her 19 years old husband she just got married to, his dinner that just surfaced online has got social media users talking. While some are critically over the tagged "worrysome photo", some are applauding it.

According to report, the woman and the young man just tied the knots and photos from their wedding ceremony that was shared on popular social media platform Facebook has since gone viral. 

Let me tell you why these kinds of relationships/marriage always have (90%) chance of failing. This guy is 19yrs old and this woman is 39. This simply means in 20years time the guy will be 39 and the lady will be 59. Yes, please imagine that. While the guy is in his prime, the woman is " an ancestor" ..lol.

But to state the fact, like i said in the first paragraph, is good to have affair with older women but not marriage. Reason being that while what this lady needs at her stage of life is love love love love and sex sex sex sex, the guy, at his age doesn't need this kind of life as what he needs is to tow a career path and make something of his life. That is assuming he is responsible and well thinking guy. This fact only will make her to be too busy to have time for the older wife and you know what that means.

I even have a married friend that if i fail to message her a day or she is sick and I don't call her often, we will quarel for more than 2 weeks. This is not a rocket science, that is how they are. And she is married and we are just friends. Older ladies expectations are too high. Remember, they will always be meeting with their friends and guess what they always discuss? Their husbands. Tell me, were will a 19yrs old stack up compared to 50yrs old and 60yrs olds experienced men? This simply results to high expectation from the kid who knows nothing.

Another salient point is that, olders ladies will monitor the living hell out of your life. How you won take do am? As a man, i hate to be monitored. I know some people will say, if am not hiding something, why am I afraid of being monitored. But the truth is this, they will monitor you, monitor your movements, monitor your phones, monitor who you talk to or look at, restrict you from being with your peers etc.. Now tell me which frustration pass this one?

Well, sometimes, it turns out to be a good marriage but this usually is the situation were the young man will become the wife and bend to the rules of the husband (the female). 

I wish them well sha.

See some of their photos below...

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