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All 36 State Governors Agrees To Pay A Minimum Wage Of N22,500 To Workers

The share effrontery of this so called Nigerian governors is alarming. Rising from a meeting in Abuja on Tuesday, Governors of the 36 states of the federation have announced N22,500 as the amount they can pay workers as minimum wage.

According to Business Post the meeting, which was held this evening, lasted about three hours.
The meeting was conveyed under the umbrella of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum headed by Governor Abdul Aziz Yari of Zamfara State.

It would be recalled that the labour unions agreed with the N30,000 minimum wage proposed by the organised private sector. The present minimum wage in Nigeria is N18,000.

But my question is this; how can this people pay a human being N22,500 only for a monthly salary in this present day Nigeria. This is not up to the amount of a good bag of rice. 

Chai, efolem oooo. Now I understand that living in Nigeria is a course. (I'm just being politically right but if you can, remove "o" from "course" you will understand what I meant when I said "living in Nigeria is a course").. Lol

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