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NYSC Director General Wades In On Kemi Adeosun & Certificate Forgery

Finally, in a three paragraph statement issued on Monday 17th Sept. 2018 by its Director of Press and Public Relations, Mrs Adenike Adeyemi, the scheme said available records indicate that Mrs. Adeosun did apply for an Exemption Certificate.

However, it did not disclose whether the Minister was issued with an Exemption Certificate in response to her application.

The statement reads:  

“Our attention has been drawn to the issue of the alleged forgery of an NYSC Exemption Certificate by the Honorable Minister of Finance, Mrs. Kemi Adeosun.

“Checking our records, Mrs. Adeosun did apply for an Exemption Certificate.

“We shall investigate the origin of the purported Exemption Certificate in question.” 

The statement is coming on the heels of public outrage over reports by a news portal, Premium Times, detailing how Adeosun allegedly skipped the mandatory national service and used a forged certificate to cover for up.

Editor's Note:

What is wrong with the entity called Nigeria? Why is it that the law is only meant for the poor while the elite circumvent any law known to this country? Tomorrow they will be quick to tell you we run democratic government.

Why can't the NYSC reveal the definite truth that is so glaring that even the blind can see and the deaf can hear it? How can a corporation like NYSC be politically inclined like this? If this was an ordinary man or woman, they would have flashed his/her face on the news and arrest him like a common criminal.

Talking from both side of the mouth is the characteristics of Nigerians and their leaders. Issuing statement, telling Nigerians that she applied for exemption certificate instead of saying whether the certificate is forged or original. 

I bet NYSC can find the letter she applied with but now they can't find the records to certify if the cert is fake or not. I am disappointed in Nigeria.

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