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I Will Never Ever Apply For Federal Government Job Again Unless I Have Connection

One of the candidates who recently applied for and undergo Federal Road Safety Commission, FRSC screening has cried out that it is a waste of resources, manpower and time to apply for Federal Government jobs as it is definitely not meant for common man, unless you have connection from the top.

In his words;

Those of you who did FRSC physical screening at 82 division Enugu will agree with me that applying for federal government jobs without knowing anyone at the helm of affairs is a WASTE OF RESOURCES, WASTE OF ENERGY AND WASTE OF TIME.

In the entire country, 4600 people will be employed and the possition I applied for is officer cadre and from a reliable source, only 400 people will be taken for that position.

Now let's do a little mathematics.

In my screening center alone, we were over 4000 BSc holders that applied for officer cadre.

Remember 400 is needed in the entire country for the position of officer cadre.

400/37 is approximately 11

It means that only 11 people out of over 4000 applicants will be chosen from Enugu state.

Out of the 11 people, how many politicians have slots? But let assume its strictly based on merit.

11/4000 x 100 = 0.275%

Which means anyone that applied stands a

0.275% chance of getting the job and

99.725% chance of not getting the job.

My question is now, why wasting money buying white shoes, white shorts and polo and spending on transport and food when you know your chances of getting the job is just 0.275%?

I will never ever ever apply for anything federal government job again unless I have a strong connection I rather channel that energy, time and Resources in something productive.

I also implore jobless graduates to start something that brings money, atleast from there you grow higher and higher while waiting for your dream job because indeed these people (politicians) don't mean well for the youths in this country.

For those of you who has been to Immigration screening or Customs screening, is this analogy true or false? 

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