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My Friend Turned Down A 200k Job, Because He Loves His Job Of 50k - Twitter User

Just for fun

If this one is not village people, I wonder how I can clasify this abeg. A Twitter user @Kyaqy took to the platform, to disclose how a Nigerian man turned down a 200k job because he loves his current job that pays him 50K.

According to the Twitter user, the Nigerian man who turned down the 200k job claimed that the job he is currently on is all he dreamt and his gathering experience.

Editor's Note

Believe me when I say this, couple of things are involved. One, is either he is doing runs that is fetching even more than the N200k he is been offered in the new job or he has a female boss and she have "honey potted" the living hell out of the man.

Lastly, if the above is not the case, then his wife or village people are at work. You know some wifes does not want their husband to be reacher than they are currently so that he wont look at other girls and start misbehaving. 

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