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3 Common Misconceptions About Plus Sized Women (BBW) & Their Love Life

I don't know about you guys, but I like my women BBW and I don't hide it. Even my school mates those days know say Nairo no dey go play radarada with all these girls wey you go dey find were them dey for bed. I like it big period.

Often time, so many men and even women have had this misconceptions about big ladies and most of them are simply NOT TRUE..They are blatan lie or should I say white lie. To be candid, plus sized women are the sweetest. Quote me anywhere.

They make the best partners but unfortunately, some men still subscribe to an old misconception that this particular group of women are not romantic, which is not true. These women are not only blessed with curvaceous bodies but are also romantic when it comes to bedroom matters.

According to Rebel Circus (online relationship journal), plus size women can make better lovers than the petite (slim) ones. Here are three misconceptions about plus-sized women in the bedroom that are untrue:

1. Plus sized women don’t get laid

These women enjoy bedroom action. They know how to turn on a man. Irrespective of their body mass, they are real angels in the bedroom. Trust me when I tell you that..lol

2. They are easy going

This is a white lie because a plus sized woman knows exactly what she wants in a man and she will not settle for less. I know most Nigerians think this is a lie but go an try yourself. You will understand.

3. They are hard to please

This is not true. They will always settle for what their hearts want. Their preference has nothing to do with their body size as some people would want to make it look like.

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