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So Sad: Racheal Fubara Is Dead

The sad news reaching us today suggest that Fubara is dead. This is according to Fejiro Oliver a famous seasoned journalist from Delta State who was at the fore front of soliciting for help for Racheal Fubara.

Friends of Racheal posted as below.

Do you all remember Rachel Fubara, whom we clamoured for some millions to be donated for, for treatment in India? You guys raised the full money for her in just two weeks of her crying to you guys on facebook and Instagram.

The good news is she made it to India but the bad news is she gave up the ghost yesterday.

Rachel is grateful in heaven that you gave her hope while her country failed her. She could have lived if the people she cried to helped.

Together we all can save a soul. Let's not wait till it get worse. We are each others keeper each other lover and kindred spirit, only waiting to connect. Do not be ashamed to cry out. We may not have much but trust me, these facebook, twitter and instagram friends you have won't ever abandon you.

To Rachel, tell God that we love you and would have gladly given more if money was all that was needed to save you. Our love for you is genuine. We love you in life and in death.

Till we meet to part no more, fare thee well.

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