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See The Lady Kicked Out Of A Mall Cuz.., Well Her Shorts Were "Too Short"

I don't know if the management of this mall is right or wrong but sanity should be maintained at ll cost. And any man or woman who tries to contravene these morals should be "booted out".

A woman claims she was kicked out of a busy shopping centre by security staff because her shorts were too short. Gabrielle Gibson, 19, was enjoying a nice afternoon browsing her favourite stores when she says a security guard approached her and told her outfit was inappropriate.

It was a very hot day, so she was wearing a pair of ripped denim shorts and an off the shoulder colourful top.

According to her;

She says she left the house "feeling beautiful", but the staff's comments and the abuse she's had since have left her feeling extremely bad about herself.

Speaking to Mirror Online, Gabriella, who lives in Alabama, said: "It made me feel humiliated to be honest.

"When I left the house I felt beautiful and happy about myself, but having grown men attack me about what I'm wearing when I'm just trying to walk around and buy things was just so humiliating.

Did they do the right thing?

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