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Nollywood Actress Miss K Steps Out In A "Scandalously Revealing Outfit"

What kind of dressing is this biko nu? We are not exactly sure of what this Nollywood actress and her designer was trying to accomplish by putting on this ridiculous outfit but if it is stupidity, then I have no doubt that they did accomplish that.

The Afro-Caribbean-Latina artist and Nollywood actress, Miss K who turned up for the premiere of Nollywood movie 'Compatible' wore a ridiculously unique outfit that flaunted her pants and legs freely.

The curvy woman posed for photos at the red carpet wearing a red see-through skirt over a top which had a smacked lips emoji.

According to reports, the male attendees kept feeding their eyes on a large chunk of her bum on display. The pictures have been trending online and the actress seems unrepentant about her scandalous appearance.

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