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Names Of The 23 New Political Parties Registered By INEC Nigeria

The Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC today being 14th August, 2018 accepted and registered more 23 political political parties in Nigeria.

The names and acronyms of the parties are as below...

Advanced Alliance Party

Advanced Nigeria Democratic Party

African Action Congress

Alliance For A United Nigeria

Alliance Of Social Democrats

Alliance Nation Party

Alliance People's Movement

Alternative Party Of Nigeria

Change Nigeria Party

Congress Of Patriots

Liberation Movement

Movement For Restoration And Defence Of Democracy

Nigeria Community Movement Party

Nigeria For Democracy

Peoples Coalition Party

Reform and Advancement Party

Save Nigeria Congress

United Patriots

United Peoples Congress

We The People Nigeria

Yes Electorates Solidarity

Youth Party

Zenith Labour Party

I sincerely think is a waste of time, money and resources creating new parties in Nigeria with a host of "dormant" political parties already. We should stick to 2 or 3 party system. This will make them concentrate their time and money.

In comedian Acapela's words "we only have 2 parties in Nigeria; APC and PDP, others na get togetther"... And believe me, he is speaking the gospel truth.

Tell us what you think ...

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