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Happening Now: Sen. Hunkuyi Formerly Defects From APC To PDP

Notwithstanding the assurances made by the FG to its supporters, the ruling party, APC continues to take in water in their already sinking ship. The senator represting Kaduna North Senotorial District, Sen. Hunkuyi who has been an ardent critic of El-Rufai has finally decamped to PDP.

Sen. Hunkuyi was elected the chairman Kudan Local government area of Kaduna state, he then contested and won the Kaduna North Senatorial District election on 28 March 2015. 

The Senator on one ocassion declared that the Governor of Kaduna state Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai has not been fair to the people of the State, and vowed to "do everything possible" to vote him out in the next election in 2019. This declaration was in fact during the time he was still in the same APC party with the governor.

According to reports, the senator decamped from the ruling All Progressive Congress, APC to opposition party, PDP with more than 200,000 supporters.

Below is the tweet on his official Twitter handle and more pictures from his defection to PDP with over 200,000 supporters.

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