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#WorldCup "Russia 2018": All Quarterfinal Match Highlights

Fifa World Cup "Russia 2018" has seen twists and turns and above all, have kept pundits quiet and guessing. It all seems that every prediction this time around all goes to waste and the big names are no were to be found.

The #worldcup quarterfinals was concluded yesterday and people are still in shock on how those countries who made it to the semi-finals are not the "expected" big names. Countries like Portugal, Argentina, Spain are long gone during the knockout stages and strangest things are still happening.

The recently concluded quarter-final stages saw the likes of Uruguay, Sweeden, Brazil and the world cup host, Russia knocked out of the fiercely contested Fifa world cup 2018 tournament.

To the amazement of football pundits and fans, we are left with the likes of young Belgium sqaurd, England, France and sleek Croatia team. Though in my own opinion, these teams really deserve to be were they are.

Below is the highlights of all Fifa 2018 world cup quarterfinal matches:

France Vs Uruguay Match highlights

Sweden Vs England Match highlights

Brazil Vs Belgium Match Highlights 

Russia Vs Croatia Match Highlights 

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