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We Will Pay Them Well - 2 Pregnant Women Seek For Men's Help On Bed

I feel for them though but I don't care how you "code it", soliciting for sex with money is a offence which is punishable by law and I think these ladies should be fished out and punished.

Ke ihe di nka biko nu?

The average men have been advised to attend to their pregnant wives "in the other room" as our dear president connoted it, as many have been engaging in unsatisfactory act of 'self-help' this days.

In a post on Instagram, posted by well known relationship blogger and online psychologist, Joro Olumofin narrated on how a man slept with a pregnant woman.

According to him, he was thrilled by the experience and wishes to do it one more time. This however has attracted an offer from two s*x-starved pregnant women who are ready to pay him N150,000 for the s*xual session.

Read the man's story and the women's offer below:

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