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Nigeria Man Receives A "NO" & A Hot Slap As He Proposed To Girlfriend @ Ikeja Mall - Video

To be frank guys, "I am not understanding". Ladies pray for marriage a lot these days and yet someone is vomiting what was offered to her on a plater. Waiting we go do for this girls biko nu?

Ke ihe aga eji meta umu aka a? A young man who tried to propose to his girlfriend at the Ikeja City mall, Lagos State got too much that he couldn't even chew, let alone to swallow. As hundreds of customers went about their businesses, he suddenly went on his knees and brought out an engagement ring to propose to his light-skinned girlfriend.

To his rude shock, the lady who didn’t sound too audible in a viral video screamed at him and landed him a dirty slap that had him falling to the ground. She kept insisting she would embarrass him as she called on on-lookers to come hear her out. The young man who couldn’t believe his eyes crawled on the floor in utter disgrace as he tried to appeal to the lady who wasn’t ready to hear him out.

The video recording of the awry event has been trending on Instagram for some hours with social media users trying to unravel the identities of both parties and the cause of the drama that ensued.

See footage below...

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