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Eko EDC Begs People To Pay Their Light Bills In Ojo, Lagos - Viral Video

Just for expression purposes

The jingle in the streets of Lagos now is; whenever you ask someone to pay tax or PHCN bills or other bills, he or she will tell you to ask Mr. President, Buhari to pay for the hardship he put everybody through and for the numerous killings in Nigeria. 

Biko nu my people, can Nigeria survive like this?

It it that we don't what to do in this country to make it great again or that we know but are too sluggish and lack the will to implement it?

According to reports, and as seen in the video, PHCN officials were seen begging residents to pay their light bills In Ojo, Lagos State.

This is outrageous and had it been Fashola and his people will at least share the prepaid metre which they government has earmarked for the polity, this nonsense would have been averted.


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