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Desist From Using My Hot Photos To Drive Traffic On Your Blog - Funke Warns Linda Ikeji

She is sounding this as a warning to Blogger giant, Linda Ikeji and I sincerely hope she will hear before this will turn to letigation battle. Because this is tantamount to libel.

Linda Ikeji posted photos of Funke Adesiyan yesterday and zoomed in on her chest to make an article about how "blessed" the actress is, in her top region. This did not go down well with Funke Adesiyan who had noticed that since Linda Ikeji started writing about her, it has always been in relation to her body and never about her career or acting skills (So naive of her to think people come online to worry themselves about the career of a female Nollywood actor).

Well she still went on to make her mind known to Linda by airing her piece of mind to Linda Ikeji's conduct on using her photos as a source to drive male traffic to her blog,.

what do you guys think about this? Is Linda right for "doing her job" and Funke being over-sensitive? or some people are just seeking attention?

For me, I think she is right.

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