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#CROENG: Croatia Beat England 2-1 (AFT) To Setup World Cup Finals With France - Reports/Video

It took the young and vibrant Croatia squad 110min (AFT) to overcome the resilient England team in Russia 2018 Word Cup Semi-Final to set up a final clash with France who stopped enthusiastic Belgium team from qualifying for same. 

Croatia had recovered, just as it had in both of the previous rounds, from a deficit, when the outstanding Ivan Perisic canceled out Kieran Trippier’s opener in just 5mins the match started. Before the goal, outstanding Perisic hit the post and missed an open goal, and a sprawling, desperate save from Jordan Pickford, England’s exceptional goalkeeper, denied Mario Mandzukic.

When the referee blew the whistle for the full 90imns, we all thought it has reached the another extra-time and penalties ,  just like the match against Denmark and against Russia. An exhausting, compelling 120 minutes against England, the sort of epic occasion that only the World Cup can produce.

The clock ticked. Penalties — more penalties — loomed. And then, after 110 exhausting minutes, England defenders switched off for a single second and Mandzukic ghosted in and smashed home the winner.

He had barely been able to move for what seemed like ages, but now he raced to the corner, cajoling the swaying mass of red-and-white-clad Croatia fans. His teammates sprinted to join him, burying him under a pile of bodies. Beneath all of them was a solitary, helpless photographer, swept off his feet by Croatia’s celebrations.

When the final whistle blew after two periods of extra time and their 2-1 victory was confirmed, several sank to the turf, floored not just by the sheer physical effort they had produced, but by the scale of their achievement.

Photo Credit: AFP
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Croatia 2 - 1 England Match Highlights

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