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Airtel Nigeria Is The Most Fraudulent, Criminally Minded Telecom In Nigeria In 2018

I need to ask this question; what has gone wrong in the state of Nigeria as a nation? Why have all the polity known to democracy and organized system of governance not working in this country. It all seems that the corruption baked in the bakery by our so called politicians has sipped into everything in the society while we are still asleep.

Telecommunication operators in Nigeria today are (unequivocally) the most corrupt and criminally minded industry now as am writing this piece. Be it MTN, Glo or Airtel, all of them are the same. While the first two telecom networks manipulates and do their lerceny in a subtle manner, Airtel Nigeria do there's overtly.

I keep wondering how Airtel Nigeria is still in business in Nigeria while over 90% of their customer base are complaining everyday of their gross misconduct, illegal deduction of data and airtime and deliberately advertising a false and incorrect tariff on their network.  I mean this people deliberately mislead their customers as they advertise different thing on televisions while they offer half of what they advertise in reality.

In fact, many of their customers left messages on their Twitter handle which has gone unanswered on why they bundled for N2000 and got 3.5gb instead of the 7gb they advertised.  I don't blame them really, if not that we have a failed state and a failed system, they can't come to this country and take its citizens for fools.

When renowned journalist, Elias Ozikpu raised the dust and wrote about their thievery and fraudulent manipulation of data in late 2017, (you can read his press release here), everybody thought he was joking. But it has dawned to us that this people are criminals, literarily.

I'm indeed aggrieved as I'm writing this piece. I know few people might be wondering why. Since their customer service cannot rectify anything, hence this piece needs to be put out to the public. I have also included so many complaints on their Twitter handle that they have failed to reply to or resolve.

Airtel Nigeria keeps deducting my airtime and zapping my data since God knows when but this ones that happened recently really opened my eyes. This people really know what they are doing. Each time I load card on my sim, they will continue to be deducting my airtime incessantly and unnecessarily.

They deducted N30 from my airtime under the guise of 902 services about 4 days ago and I called their customer service and the stupid idiot hanged the phone on me. I requested my refund and they didn't do nothing. Yesterday they charged me N50 again on same services which the idiot told me he has deactivated and today again they charged me N150 for the same bullsh*t again.

I called the customer service again and the girl said I was the one that activated the services that I must have clicked a pop up ad or some so and I got mad at the stupid girl. Am not an old man for God sakes that can't read well before clicking anything and moreover, my phone is pretty clean without pop ups. I even tried to stop the services myself, 2 times and it will tell me I don't have such services activated on my phone and yet this Buffoons called Airtel Nigeria will still charge me.

I'm not putting this out there for our government to intervene; NO. Because their own buffoonery is alarming and with NCC not knowing their left from right, the only thing Nigerians need to do is throw away their Airtel sims. And believe me, I have already cut mine into pieces before writing this piece because throwing it away only will be detrimental. I mean someone may see it and pick it and start using it. Which I don't even wish for my enemy.

Below is some of the unanswered complaints curated from their Twitter page..

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