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Police Officer Caught On Camera Molesting And Beating Up A Pregnant Woman - Photos/Video

I use to think only Police officer in Nigeria are heartless and  very wicked but apparently their counterparts in other countries are the same. I bet this police officers are equivalent to SARS operatives in Nigeria.

This shocking video of a cop brutally dragging a pregnant woman by her hair and repeatedly hitting her in the face has gone viral and has got people coursing the entire force 'industry'.

The woman can be heard shouting at the officers who are arresting a man at the back of the patrol car. One of them then walks up to the crowd of onlookers, grabs the woman and begins to slam his fist into her. He then then drags her away from the crowd by her hair as an onlooker can be heard shouting ‘Calm down man! She is pregnant!’.

The startling scenes were filmed in the Santo Antonio Alem do Carmo area of the city of Salvador, in the Brazilian state of Bahia. The suspect who was being arrested can be seen struggling with officers in the background as the crowd tries to drag the woman away from the aggressive cop.

The officer then lands another punch on the pregnant woman’s face before onlookers manage to drag her to safety. The woman, who does not wish to be named, confirmed she is three months pregnant.

She told reporters: 

‘He did not say anything to me, he did not address me, he came and hit me and people were asking him to let me go. He hit me really hard in the face, people were shouting that I was pregnant and he continued attacking me.’

The Military Police confirmed they were investigating the video and the behaviour of the officers during the arrest. The officer who hit the woman has been suspended and is seeing a psychologist, according to police sources.

The woman who was hit said she didn’t know the man being arrested. Local media reported he was charged with drug use and resisting arrest. He has given a statement and has since been released, according to reports.

See footage below...

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