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#EndSARS: SARS Operatives Arrest 2 Ladies Over Indecent Dressing, Demands 100k Each - Lady Narrates Ordeal

First of all, why is it that SARS is still operating in this country after public outcry? If one thinks the plight of any Nigeria citizen is the priority of the government, the person is simply living in a fools paradise. 

A Twitter user identified as @Tamaradenyefar has taken to the platform to narrate how SARS officers allegedly arrested her and her friend for indecent dressing and later demanded N100,000 from them.
According to the lady, they eventually settled on N10,000 before the officers allowed them to leave. And one of them even requested for their phone number for possible hook-up.

She Wrote:

Had my first SARS experience. Niggas pulled my friend and I in an UBER searched us and found nothing. Next thing they go you are indecently dressed and it’s against the law. Bruhhhh I’m wearing a fucking T-shirt and shorts and how is that against what smelling law.

They sha put us in their VAN and asked us to pay 100k… I just looked at the man like “ezcuzz me sir, it’s like you are mad” Wo! Last last they collected 10,000 naira. I tried to get a picture of them and a name. They are from Kpanti Station yaba.

They asked the UBER guy to end the trip and leave us there. #PoliceIsNotYourFriend
The picture isn’t clear but apparently, that’s their “Oga” Please if you know how or who can take this up let me know. One of them was stupid enough to give us his phone number because he wants to link up later.

So while they held us last night my friend had a panic attack and we were begging these guys to let her stand outside the bus for air so she doesn’t pass out. These idiots refused and asked “which kin heat dey do am” Imagine if it was something so serious. #EndSars

See her tweets below...

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