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Checkout Adorable Photos Of Nadia Buari, Hubby And Her 4 Girls

Have a family, a wonderful one at that (though not void of misunderstanding), is the best thing that can happen to anybody. Family is indeed the reason for living, nothing else matters but "family". Though is not really easy to have a happy one owing to the fact that this days, ladies especially wants to be an associate, instead of a helper.

Anyway, Ghanaian Actor, John Dumelo's wife, Mawunya has shared an adorable photo of her bestie, Nadia Buari with her husband and their 4 kids. This is coming after Nadia revealed few minutes ago that she now has 4 kids with her husband.

Mawunya also revealed that Nadia carried all 4 kids herself She wrote;

"Congratulations bestie on ur 4 beautiful girls....u make being a mommy sooo beautiful and soo private. I totally admire how u rock every pregnancy in style ,keep it all to urself and then pop them out like no one’s bussiness .... girl u the bomb. 

U such a cute mummy @iamnadiabuari and I totally love u and all my girls too "

John Dumelo also shared another family photo of them in the snow writing;

" So you were pregnant here with your 4th baby eh? You deserve some accolades! Well done @iamnadiabuari "

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