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#BralessGangs: Another Lady Rocks Braless Cleveage-Baring Outfit To Benin Night Club

Frankly, I think the headline is overrated but I had to use it, though I can't see any cleavage the lady in picture bared. Abi eri? Abi una see any cleavage their? Me I dey see dry and fallen apples. 

It either these Benin clubs pay this ladies to dress foolishly so that people will snap and post them on social media to hype those clubs or its either our naija girls (especially Benin girls) are getting more stupid everyday.

This Joker Club in Benin City wants to be on the limelight by all means but this is actually not the way to go about this things. The other day, it was a braless lady flashing her nipples in the club. Who knows what we will see tomorrow.

Hmmmmm, kwantinu

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