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'Before You Marry, Send Your Man To Go To The Market & Wash Plate" - Lady Advises Single Ladies

Sometimes I do not understand what is going on the female brains. Everybody is now a relationship expert in Nigeria and yet they can't even get a man to propose to them, let alone to marrying them. Is like taking marriage advice from Oprah Winfrey; Hellooooo, She is not married and have never been...dooohh

Well, what do I know? I think someone most have broken this is single lady's heart and that is why she is crying out like this. Twitter user Winnie (not Winnie Mandela oo) have sparked a little bit of fuss on the social media as she advised single ladies to make sure they engage their husband to be in house shores: like washing of plates and going to the market to buy something to cook before they even think of settling down with the man.

According to her, her friend's husbands are doing it. Apparently she is not married yet and all she does is to follow her friends to their houses and be gathering all this nonsense and be advising single ladies. I know it is not wrong to engage your men into this but if you make it a determinant factor to marry him, you will definitely be a fool at 50.

Moreover, most men were brought up very well in this regard, so this really amounts to nothing. And that a man can do all these things she is so inclined on, it doesn't mean the person will turn out to be a good husband. Women should learn to look where priority lies, not looking at trivial matters.

See her posts below....

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