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Barely 24 Hours After Her Wedding, Unidentified Person Bath The Bride With Acid - Photo

The kind of evil geniuses we have in this African country called Nigeria, is alarming and scary. A young lady who got married barely 24 hours was bath with acid and the perpetuator is yet to be identified let alone to being captured.

This is pure unadulterated evil or should I say Man's inhumanity to another. People of the world are never happy for another person's happiness. If care is not taken, it might be her best friend that is still single that did this to her.

I have heard girls ask these questions. I am more beautiful than her, I am more educated than her, I am more intelligent, I even dress better than her, so how come she got married before me? questions turn to jealousy and jealousy turns to hate and hate turns to ACID POURING.

Nonetheless, when I said unadulterated evil, I'm not sparing any of them. Both the victim and the perpetuator. It may even turn out to be that the victim stole another person's man. Bad news for her though because reports suggest that the new husband have already abandoned her on the sick bed.

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