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Any Man I Sleep With Turns Out To Be Wretched All His Life - Slay Queens Reveals

The truth is, any man that sleeps around is automattically killing and destroying his destiny. In African settings, ladies always have one or two things following them and getting in contact with them sexually almost always spell doom for the victim.

Well, a young girl "slay queen" has made a shocking revelation on a Facebook group page about how she posses spiritual powers that absorbs a man destiny and blessings after sleeping with her. She claimed that every success and destiny of any man she sleeps with becomes hers, and the victim would remain wretched forever.

The lady with the Facebook name “Queen lisa lisa” said this, perhaps to sounds a note of warning to every guy out there to be wary of her sexiness as she could ruin one’s destiny.

See her post below...

Once i sleep with a guy, his destiny and success becomes mine, and he’ll be wretched for the rest of his life ✌✌ Temple queen.

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