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President Buhari Deserves A Second Term - Billionaire Oil Tycoon, Arthur Eze

Oil magnet, Chief Arthus Eze, Chairman of Atlas Oranto Petroleum has praised President Muhammadu Buhari on the fight against corruption in the country adding that he deserved a second term in office. Chief Eze made this commendation while speaking to Journalists in Lokoja, Kogi state adding that the president was on course and needed the support of all Nigerians.

In his words; 

"Anyone who knows President Buhari knows that he is a disciplinarian, allergic to corruption and no president had fought corruption ruthlessly the way Buhari is dealing with it now. This stand and disposition has portrayed the image of the country in positive manner and the country is now being respected by the international communities,” he said.

Eze said the Buhari government’s recovery of funds was amazing and advised that such recovered money should be used for building infrastructure such as roads, healthcare, power and housing projects for the benefit of Nigerians. According to him, this country has been dragged backwards for so long and it is now the time to make steady progress and development.

He pointed out that although he was not a politician “but he supports good candidates such as Buhari because he is focused and have the interest of the nation at heart”.

Editor's Note

Is this man for real? " that Nigeria has gone backwards for some time and Buhari is here to take us forward". Is chief Eze really in Nigeria? If not for his name, I'm almost tempted to conclude he is not a Nigerian. Anyway, that his opinion.

I'm not done yet! "There is a big difference between want and need." Buhari wants Nigeria, but Nigerians do Not need buhari. We are not gullible. Buhari serves partisan and ethnic interests alone. He is not fit to be king

Though he has a right to contest. But we also have a right to vote our choice. He might be a section of the northern choice but not the majority of Nigeria. If APC fields buhari, APC and buhari will loose. Period.

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