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Lady Lands A Guy A Dirty Slap At An ATM Over Argument, What They Guy Did Will Shock You - Must Read

I'm just imagining if this happened to one of my rascal friend "Kachi", this girl would have regretted why she woke up this morning. Is rear to see this kind of guys nowadays.

According to post, the lady slapped the guy over literally nothing at all. I know everyone were expecting him to batter her, but  the gentleman had amazing self control and he is rare. 

The guy got slapped by a lady at an ATM stand, after a light argument, and to test her he told her to slap him again, if her 'mama' born her well, And she slapped him again, But been a good guy that he is, he just stood for minutes, flashed back at his mom, sister, cousin, Girlfriend and just walk away, what a gentleman he is.

Doesn't he deserves an accolades? Lol

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