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Lady Declares: I Need A Boyfriend That Will Be With Me Till I Find A Husband - Nigerians Mock Her

Chai, Nigerians no get chills at all especially this time wey work no dey, if one can at least recharge data, social media will become his/her latest arena to vent frustration. You don't want to mess with Nigerians only social media, whether you be foreigner or you are a Nigerian. Just don't carry your mumu-ish self to social media, else you will get what you deserve.

The other time, a girl tweeted and I quote "all men are useless and with their useless small dicks". People defended on her so much that she quickly deleted the post when someone commented and I quote: "if all men are useless, your father, your uncles and your brothers are also useless".

Now another girl done carry come again and Nigerians are trolling and making fun of her on Twitter. She tweeted and I quote: "I need a boyfriend that will keep me happy until I meet my potential husband". Nigerians have flocked to her tweet like birds flocking to corn and are bashing her left, right and centre. 

See her post and comments below....

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