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IGP Speech Video: Nigerians Attack Police PRO, Badmus For Defending Police IG, Idris, Says He Has 2 Degrees

I think is time some of this public office holders understand that Nigerians are no longer gullible. Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) Zone 2 command, Dolapo Badmus, has come under attack on social media for defending Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris despite viral ‘transmission’ speech.

This was after PPRO Badmus shared a picture of IG of Police with President Muhammadu Buhari, with a caption: “I am proud of my IGP, a man with two degrees.”

She was countered by Nigerians, who called on the IGP to defend his two degrees. Some Nigerians also accused PPRO Badmus of mocking the IG with her post. In the viral video, Idris, who visited Kano on Monday to commission the Police Technical Intelligence Unit in the State, stammered severally as he struggled to pronounce words.

Here are some comments gathered via Twitter..

@abioduntunde “Nigeria police no decorum. She couldn’t even act professionally and take the high road.”

@Sirphenomphillips “Two degrees without a prove. He can’t even read a simple script. Shame to the IGP.”

@Invisiblethreat “A man with 2 degrees… 0% brain… is that one IGP? Madam opeifa you better park one corner… birds of the same feather! I bet your IGP can’t read what I just typed! Rubbish NPF… in general all of u are illiterates.”

@Clairejojo “Even with two degrees he still hasn’t transmitted the transmission.”

@Just_thrice “See how low we have gotten, a PRO of the Nigerian police fighting on Twitter!!! Where has etiquette gone?”

@Kingtee_14 “Those his two degrees can’t even save him when he was publicly embarrassed, you see Madam Dolapo those degrees are fake.”

@Alo.olu “Hypocrisy of the highest order. Was that an advert for him or what?”

@Daisyyije “Is either she wrote that for an upgrade/promotion or it’s an indirect insult to him or an insult to genuine degree holders.”

@Olutayoisaiah “See @opetodolapo just embarrassed her IGP , two degrees yet he’s failing… Where he got those degrees from should be questioned.”

@theegirlasamma “Is that the police PRO lady….so disappointing?”

@Itsfyne “Two degrees with transmission transmitted transfusion smh! IT’S so annoying how Nigerians cover up.”

@Ife2 “The woman is trying to mock d IGP self.”

@bibiblackdie “Sounded like she was shading the IGP. Smh… Sarcasm isn’t so subtle these days. We read you loud and clear on the transmission!”

@Theglammamah “Having two degrees is not hard now, can he defend them?”

@Mcqueen_67 “Did I just hear her say a man with two degree..is that not the transmission man???”

@slili18 “Madam, after what the IGP did a few days ago, you are here saying you are proud of him because he has two degrees ? How much did he pay for the degrees? Shameless people.”

Editor's Note:

Somebody is looking for promotion. 

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