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“I Cheated On Adeniyi Johnson Because He Couldn’t Perform Well In Bed” – Actress Toyin Abraham

Seems the truth have finally made it to the media. Or is this still a tale to save face? Nollywood has been buzzing for some time with the relationship dramas and frankly, all of us have been tired of it and needs a break. Yet they can't allow us.

Adeniyi Johnson was on Ebuka ‘s Rubbin’ Minds a few days ago and among many things he said was the claim that actress Toyin Aimakhu (Abraham) started cheating on him with the universally famous (thanks to Mr. Real) Seun Egbegbe while they were still married.

And, of course, there is a video of Egbegbe saying he and Toyin had dated 15 years ago and they continued from where they stopped on May 31, 2016. According to Johnson, they were still together at that time and two months later, they celebrated their wedding anniversary.

So the news prompted me to call Miss Toyin Abraham herself so as to hear from the horses mouth. See our conversation below..

ME: Miss Toyin Aimakhu
TOYIN: Abraham, please.
ME: Sorry. Miss Abraham. It’s hard to keep up these days. Blame Nigeria. Even our president can’t keep up with the things wrong with him.

TOYIN: [nervous laughter] This one that TNS called me today. What’s up?
ME: Haba! TNS has been willing to call you nah. Remember when we wanted you to come for an interview at our office and you said we should talk to your manager?
TOYIN: But you people did not call him nah.
ME: Before! Abi we have call him ni.
ME: So, anyway, why I called. Have you seen it?
TOYIN: What?
ME: It.
TOYIN: What it? [Pauses] Oh… the oyinbo horror film?
ME: [whispers] No. The Alakada horror film.
TOYIN: Can’t hear you.
ME: The idea. I mean your former husband’s interview.
TOYIN: Which one?
ME: Sorry. I momentarily forgot that they are plenty. The one before last.
TOYIN: It’s been long since I watched any interview.
ME: Oh. Adeniyi Johnson did one with Ebuka.
TOYIN: Ok? What did he say again? He kuku likes to run his mouth.
ME: He ran that you were cheating on him with Seun Legbegbe…
TOYIN: Egbegbe. His name is Egbegbe. And you’re a journalist o.
ME: Don’t mind me. Legbegbe. Sorry, Let’s just use Seun. Niyi said you were already seeing Seun before you guys separated as man and wife.
TOYIN: That’s what he said?
ME: Yep. And that’s why I’ve called. Is it true?
ME: [shocked] I mean, is it true that you were seeing another man while still married to Niyi?
TOYIN: Ehn, I said yes nah.
ME: Wawu!
TOYIN: Why are you acting all surprsingly?
ME: Because I am ‘suprisingly’
TOYIN: When Niyi could not do me very well nko?
ME: Oh.. he didn’t treat you right? But he looks like a nice dude.
TOYIN: [scoffs] Is it about nice? I said somebody cannot do well, you say he resemble nice person.
ME: [beginning to catch the gist] You mean he wasn’t a great destroyer?
TOYIN: He wasn’t o!
ME: Really?
TOYIN: Yes. He was just there. The highest we ever went was one and the half.
ME: [amplifies surprise] I am ‘surprisingly’.
TOYIN: So do you expect me to stay with such a man? I reconnected with Seun. You know we had dated before, years ago?
ME: They said so.
TOYIN: Who are they?
ME: Seun and Niyi.
TOYIN: They were together on Ebuka’s show?
ME: [sigh] No. But they both mentioned that at separate times.
TOYIN: Ok. So when me nad Seun reconnected and he gave me what I had been missing, I had no choice. I’m a woman nah, Segun. An African woman at that.
ME: So African women cheat?
TOYIN: That’s not what I meant jor. African women like strong men.
ME: Aha! Men like me.
TOYIN: I didn’t hear you. Network.
ME: Never mind. Didn’t say anything I wanted you to hear.
TOYIN: Ok. But please help me ask Nigerians. What would they have done if they were in my shoes? Niyi just looks tall and handsome. He cannot take me to heaven on the bed.
ME: Ah! Heaven is not on the bed.
TOYIN: You know what I mean now. I’m sure you’re a strong man. I see all the things you write. You remember we met at NEC Live last year.
ME: [stammers] Errr, yes. I think we did. Erm, I’m sorry. I really need to go. Thank you for your time.
TOYIN: Segun, wait…

[call ends]


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