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Female Pastor Caught Cheating With A Married Man On Her Matrimonial Bed

This days, a name that suppose to inspire peace when heard, is now the name that inspires horror and descent whenever it is heard. We can all agree that the name "pastor" is rather used loosely this days because everyone wants to attach that name to their name and as such, it has lost its value. A lot of people hides behind that name to perpetuate evil.

And when a woman is answering it, its even more sceptical than when a man is answering it. A drama ensued on Sunday night when a popular female pastor was chased out from her home because she was caught with a man in her home. It was the husband who caught them when the news of his wife and the man came to his ears, but to compound the woman’s issues, the man she was caught with died mysteriously that night.

Police are still investigating a sudden death of the deceased following a misunderstanding between the deceased and his girlfriend. The deceased's wife reported that the deceased downed poisonous pesticide at his girlfriend's house following a misunderstanding with her. The deceased failed to justify to his wife how he was poisoned in the neighbourhood when he reported to her.

And police are treating it as a suicide case and investigations are in progress. A resident said "We want to teach her the correct way she is supposed to preach to the congregation when she is called the woman of God at church,".

The husband said "This is a family affair which does not need media coverage. There is nothing going on, people just want her to pay back their debts. This is just mob psychology,"

What is really happening? 

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