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"Face" Of AIT's Focus Nigeria, Gbenga Aruleba Relieved From Anchoring The Programme

Is really sad to hear this. I'm an ardent viewer of Focus Nigeria on AIT and Gbenga has been doing such a great job as an anchor and is like the Face of the programme. Is really sad to see him go. His flairs and research capabilities and the way he presents his own arguement to the invitees are wonderful.

Veteran Nigerian broadcaster, Gbenga Aruleba, who anchors popular political programme "Focus Nigeria" on the Africa Independent Television, on Tuesday took to his twitter page to announce his exit from the television show which he has hosted for atleast a decade.

Focus Nigeria is a discussion programme on AIT, which engages in critical issues affecting Nigeria's polity, from politics to other daily subject matters that engage and affect the ordinary Nigerian. Gbenga announced to his fans on social media that even though he has bowed out from "Focus Nigeria", he is still a staff of AIT.

Below are the tweets he tweeted...

"As if I knew this would be my LAST OUTING on this programme, I was thanking my crew profusely. Thank God I had the chance to publicly do that. These past two months that Focus Nigeria was Decreed into a pre recording program, it hasn't been easy.

"Now, all the stress has ended as I yield the floor to another, very versatile colleague mine. I THANK you for the love and useful tips as well. This twitter handle has ceased to be the official handle for Focus Nigeria. Its now my personal handle.

"The new handlers of the programme will come up with a new one, I trust and so you can keep the conversation going there. Am still in AIT, just only relieved of handling this programme, so nothing mega. Thanks and I'll be seeing you around on this space."

He has been anchoring this political forum for a decade now and even remember when he lost his daughter. We wish you well in other endeavors sir. 

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