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3 Ways To Get Rid Of Your "Love Handles" - Excess Fats On The Waist Line

Ladies, this post is meant specifically for you, that is if you are interested in getting rid of your "Love Handles" because I know exercise is really an enemy to Nigerian ladies. They don't want to workout that body and they prefer walking around with their "big fat stomach" in Fela Kuti's words. 

Those of you who are interested, please continue reading...

I called it a "Love Handle" because I need to code the actual name. "Love handles” describes that extra fat that pops up almost out of thin air to your waistline. Well not out of thin air because you contributed just a little bit.

You’ve probably been wishing to get rid of your love handles because they can ruin your look. However, you must know that love handles are made up of accumulated body fat so you can’t be runway ready in a week. It took time for the fat to accumulate, so it will also take time to break up with it.

Fortunately, there are practical ways to dump that “spare tyre.”  and this interesting piece was compiled by Prncess J - Here they are:

1. Exercise your whole core
It’s recommended that you get at least 150 minutes of heart-pumping cardio every week. If you want to lose or maintain weight you will need to do cardio in addition to toning exercises. You might be thinking of just getting rid of your love handles but you need to take a full approach if you want to get a toned tummy.

2. You are what you eat
We all love fast food. However, when it comes to losing your love handles, you have to stay far away from unhealthy things like junk food and soda. Your diet is as equally important as the workouts you do when it comes to losing the love handles. Going on a diet of mainly veggies will help your body and hormones get in shape. 

3. Get enough sleep
We know that when it comes to getting 7-8 hours of sleep, it might seem far fetched but you need it if you are looking to let go of your love handles. Because, when you’re tired, there is a high tendency you will crave sugary snacks and extra calories to sustain your body. Focus more on plant-based foods and lean protein sources like beans, eggs, fish and white meat e.g poultry instead of red meat.

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