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Who Says Buhari Is Not Working? Pictures From Ongoing Construction Of Second (2nd) Niger Bridge

Many Nigerians, especially the Easterners keep wondering were the second Niger Bridge is being built since "on passing" Onitsha bridge, there is practically no sight of the proposed second Niger bridge construction. Igbos even think the fuss of 2nd Niger bridge is, well a scam.

However, it i far from being a scam. Pictures of the construction of the magnificent project has emerged and according to reports, the bridge is more than 40% complete. In a Facebook post shared by Bashir Ahmad, Personal Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on Media;

The ongoing construction of the Second Niger Bridge, the work is currently at 44.6% completion. So far, the 1.2 KM sand filling of the road at the Asaba end has reached the height of 2.2 meters out of the expected five meters. At the Onitsha end, the workers have done a lot of sand filling of embankments to a reasonable stage. In all, they have achieved around 44.6 per cent of phase of early work stage 4.

#PMBAtWork #PMBForNigeria.

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