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Video Of People In Lokoja Saying Their Names Siblings Names Appeared On The List Without Their Consent

Frankly, I wonder how Kogi State Governor will live with himself after this failed attempt to recall a senator just because of their political differences. Yes, this is a personal difference and the governor is using his power to control INEC and of course with the conscent of Mr. President (unofficially) against Sen. Dino. 

The ongoing verification exercise organised by INEC to authenticate signatures of voters allegedly seeking the recall of Sen. Dino Melaye (APC/Kogi West), has witnessed a low turn out in most parts of Lokoja. NAN correspondents monitoring the exercise in the Kogi capital, report that most of the polling units were empty, with some people claiming that they were not aware of the exercise. 

At most polling units in Ward 1 of Odo Egbe, INEC officials told NAN that less than 20 voters had shown interest in the exercise. They said that many people were not interested in the recall process. Even a woman, Miss Felicia Adebayo, a voter, who spoke with NAN, said that she came out because she was told that money was being shared at the polling units.

In her words;

“I am told that money is being shared to those that come; I need the money because we have not been paid salary for a while,” she said. 

NAN’s efforts to confirm the veracity of Adebayo’s claim proved abortive as no one was ready to react to it. An INEC official, who craved anonymity, said that there was general apathy to the exercise. “Very few people have shown interest in the exercise; we have been waiting for people to come out but very few seem to know what we are doing here,” he said

Other evidence of fraud came to light as the process went on. Many residence who came out to see what was happening was surprised to see that their names and that of their siblings was included in the list which they did not conscent to nor signed as claimed by Yahaya Bello. 

A man also lamented on Facebook of how his daughter's name who died in 2016 came to be on the list. He said he is with her PVC and wondered how the girl returned from the ghost world to sign Yahaya Bello's evil list.

Even as the senator in question is laying in the hospital and in Intensive Care Unit, ICU, the governor and INEC went on to process his recall which now turning out to be a fraud. Yahaya Bello should be punished for this overt abuse of power.

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