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Buhari Said Fuel Subsidy Is A Scam, Kachukwu Admits FG Pays $1.4 Trillion On Subsidy - Reno Omokri

The APC administration have vehemently denied the existence of fuel subsidy during their time as opposition party and even after they took over power from PDP in 2015. They even said it was a scam. 

The APC-led administration stylishly introduced the subsidy again and kept denying its existence and also increased the fuel from N85 to N145. Well, the minister for state on petroleum, Ibe Kachukwu has finally admitted straight up that the Nigerian government is spending not less than $1.4 trillion annually on fuel subsidy. 

Former presidential aide, Reno Omokri have however mocked the federal government as well as Nigerians via his Twitter handle and inquired if Nigerians are fine with what is happening. See tweet below...

Kachikwu has admitted that the Buhari administration is paying ₦1.4 trillion per annum for subsidy (which is even more than the Jonathan administration they complained about). Now I ask you, are you getting fuel to buy at affordable prices like you were during the Jonathan govt?

Buhari said subsidy was a scam and doubled the cost of fuel from the ₦87 that Jonathan left it to ₦145 today. Now they are paying the same ‘scam’ subsidy of ₦1.4 trillion yet you still cant get fuel regularly and when you do you actually pay more than the ₦145 official price.

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