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Nollywood Actress Anita Joseph Reacts To Nkechi Blessing's Butt Post, Mocks Some Actresses

Since "selling points" are now the order of the day, owing to the fact that men are slaves of what the see, girls, including agadi ekwe nka's wey full for Nollywood cannot just allow people to rest with butt and boobs talks every blessed day. 

No day passes without one of them posing and posting photos of themselves, emphasizing on either their boobs or butts. Even thia days, you don't need to be in the movies or music for one to be a celebrity. The only requirement you need is to have an outrageous butt or boobs and get an Instagram account, you become a celebrity instanta.

Well today, Anita Joseph don carry her own wahala come. She reacted hilariously to Nkechi Blessing's butt post; "Diss actress with Butt implantation". Nkechi Blessing trend on one of her post she shared giving thanks to God for giving her her big butt for free.

Then Anita Joseph react hilariously to this. Is she dissing some actress with Butt enlargement?

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