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Lady Striped Naked In Public For Wearing Mini Skirt In Ghana - Photos/Video

Well, for what is worth, I don't blame the people that striped her naked, after all that is what she inadvertently wants to achieve by wearing a skirt that she cannot even bend down with to pick something on the floor (mini skirt) if the occasion arises. I wonder if she will ever dress that shabishly ever again in her remaining life.

What is even more unfortunate is that this video will not detar any girl from dressing their usual provocative way.  A videos floating around everywhere about some ladies that were publicly disgraced for wearing miniskirt has gone viral. Damn, this video showed off yesterday in Ghana… where a young lady was disgraced and exposed in a market square for wearing a miniskirt.

It’s really a video you should watch and learn from, most especially the ladies that can't do without wearing nothing at all. To see the video, click here 

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