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Lady Run Mad & Strip Naked After A Man Dropped Her Off In Owerri, Imo State - Pics, Video

An unknown lady who was dropped off  last night around Kilimanjaro Eatery in Owerri, the capital city of Imo State have allegedly run mad and stripped naked. She has been roaming the streets since last night according to an eye witness.

I think she has become the latest victim of ritualists. Is quite unfortunate. I am not shocked though because for these ladies to follow a man they do not know from Adam to anywhere they want is a recipe for disaster. 

More photo and video below....

Recent update reveals that the lady in question has been rescued by Salvation Ministry Church. She was rescued by some members of Salvation Ministries Ikenegbu, Owerri, who came to her aide. Below is the testimony shared by the church... 

Indeed the God of David Ibiyeomie is faithful. Just after the youth meeting this evening a young lady was dropped off from a flashy car half dead and she woke up immediately mad and was roaming the street of ikenegbu close to salvation ministries and she was rushed into salvation ministries church ikenegbu satellite church were prayers were made and the mantle from the youth meeting impartation was placed on her and after 20min she was totally restored and back to sanity. 

To the God of David Ibiyeomie we give all the Glory...

Editor's Note:

My humble conclusion: na setup. Churches be forming fake miracles everyday.

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