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Ladies Slams A Lady On Twitter For Saying "All Men Are Useless & Comes With Useless Pen*s"

Men don smash this one heart..lol. I can't stop laughing on the insensitivity of the tweet tweeted by this aggrieved lady. I can imagine the kind of heart break she must be passing through right now which undoubtedly made her tweet this kind of stupid and insensitive tweet. And trust Nigerians, they wont allow you get away with it.

One funny thing about those slamming her left and right is that they are all ladies. Funny ladies are doing the bashing for men this days. Ife e changi go. The lady, Jessica George said all men are useless fools who come with a useless manhood.. Though she later apologised and said she was sorry, but the apology came to little too late cuz she has already insulted her father, uncles and brothers since they are all men.

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