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Jesus Christ! Slay Queen Wears Bikini For Her Birthday Banner, Puts It Up On The Street Of Lagos

I don't even know what is wrong with this girls this days. Has it gotten to this? Slay Queen are now all over the internet wanting to almost be unclad on their pictures and that apparently is not enough for them, now this? This girl should be arrested and prosecuted for nuisance.

Can you imagine this girl? So internet is not enough for her abi? Watin person no go see with this "umu mami wota" o.  Abi is she trying to break record for her birthday party? The slay queen you see above made sure she went almost unclad for the birthday banner she put on the streets of Lagos and am only left to wonder how she looked like on the main day which was even yesterday.

They said her name is Mimi Crush and this is how she decided to mark her birthday. I think she need a psychiatrist.

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