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#ImpeachBuhariNow Trends On Twitter - Nigerians On FG

Following the recent happenings in Nigeria, especially the the rampant killing by Fulani Herdsmen, the National Assembly have summoned the president to explain what is going on in Nigeria. NASS also summoned the IG of police, Mr. Idris but he is yet to honor the hallowed chambers.

On this note, aggrieved Nigeria has opened a Twitter hashtag #ImpeachBuhariNow and its trending like wildwire on Twitter. What is baffling right now is that almost all Nigerians want Buhari gone but I tell you this, of election is conducted again, this man will still win the election.

I have always told people, it is good to rant, no doubt about that. I mean, you have to get the frustration out of your body but after ranting, you have to get your PVC and vote him out. That way, you have put your hand were your mouth is. 

See some of the tweets @ #ImpeachBuhariNow...

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