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"I Cry Every Night Because South-East May Become Slaves In Nigeria" – Imo State Gov. Rochas Okorocha

For a whole Imo State Governor and an elder statesman like Rochas to make this kind of statement, I think he is seriously disturbed by the spirit rumored to be flogging the living hell out of him in the night. No wonder he is adamant his son-inlaw will become the next Imo State Governor. Now I understand the reasons of his bad decisions.

According to the Imo State governor, recent voters registration statistics by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) which shows low voters registration turnout from the southeast makes him cry every time because to him, it means the southeast have lost hence they may become slaves.

Okorocha shared this during an Easter Sunday service at the Okigwe Catholic diocese where he called on all clergymen and bishops in the southeast to encourage their followers to vote.

In his words;

“A particular scenario makes me cry; INEC’s data shows that:

South-South  9 million registered voters,
North-Central, 12 million registered voters, North-East, 15 million registered voters, South-West, 14 million registered voters, North-West, 18 million registered voters, while South-East has just eight million registered voters.

“This situation makes me cry. I weep every night because of this development. This means that we have lost out before the 2019 election. If care is not taken, we will make ourselves slaves.

“My lord bishop, please tell our people to register. Our bishops must encourage Igbo people to register now. I have started shouting again, the same way I shouted in 2015.

“If Yoruba people can jettison tribal politics in 2015 to ensure that the APC won, Igbo people can do the same in 2019. Today, the Yoruba people are occupying sensitive positions in the Federal Government. ”

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