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Female Corpers Trends For Turning Their Khaki Into A Bump Shorts - Isn't This Vandalization?

This is called vandalization of government properties no matter how you look at it.. Lol. No be laugh matter oo. A group of girls are currently trending on social media for their unique style of rocking their NYSC uniforms. The mandatory one year service imposed by NYSC has either helped people learn new things or meet new people and learn bad things.

While some hate the idea of the stress and rigorous activities that comes with it, others however are making do with the time. One of such is these group of beautiful ladies who have taken it upon themselves to redesign their NYSC khaki uniforms. What was designed in the likeness of a soldier's uniform was completely chopped off and revamped into bum shorts. 

An Instagram page dedicated to NYSC photos shared the pictures of the girls dressed in their crested shirts, neatly tucked in the khaki bum shorts with their jungle boots.

What so you think guys? 

I think their service year should be extended to 2 years for vandalizing government property.

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