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Buhari’s Government Has Not Retrenched A Single Worker Since 2015 – Lai Mohammed

The Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed has said despite the challenges faced Muhammadu Buhari-led administration since coming to office in May 2015, the government has not retrenched a single worker.

Speaking in an interview in Lagos, the Minister also said it released the names off alleged looters in the country not because it is in a panic mode but because the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) challenged it to do so.

“We were challenged to do so. Don’t forget that on their own, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) said that they apologised to Nigerians for the way they ran Nigeria aground and we said, yes apology is accepted, but please return the funds. I think one of them challenged us to name those who had stolen money”.

“I think gradually it is becoming fashionable when you remind PDP that they brought us to this sorry path, they will say stop talking about what we did, please continue with your own. But we cannot move. It is important that Nigerians remember how we got here and the same people who have made no atonement say that they want to come back to power in 2019”.

“So, it is important for us to remind them. Let me tell you, this government is not in any panic mood. We are so proud of our achievements that in less than three years I can stand up and say this is what we have achieved in the area of security; this is what we have achieved in the economy, in the area of ease of doing business”.

“There is no area we have not made our mark. We lifted Nigeria from number 165 in the ease of doing business to 145. It is not a mean feat! And we exited recession at a time when the price of crude was low; we were in recession when we implemented the diversification of the economy”.

“ It is on record that despite all these challenges we have not retrenched one person. So, why should we be afraid? Why should we panic? I don’t see any reason why we should panic; I think it is the imagination of people that the government is panicky. No!” he said.

Editor's Note:

I'm sorry but I thought APC is the incumbent government in Nigeria. If they are, how come Lai Muhammed is still the one spewing propaganda-ish statements on the media? PDP is really dead. They are the party that supposed to be running propaganda and run these APC juggernauts out of the office. 

Sometimes I wonder how Lai Muhammed keep a straight face and twist facts on the media. Who does he think he is deceiving? Me? Definitely not. How can someone come out and brag that the APC government have not retrenched anyone since 2015 they assumed duty while more than 14m Nigerians lost their jobs because of the so called "enabling environment" which he shameless claim they purportedly provided for businesses to strive in Nigeria.

For the sake of God, 14 million people lost their jobs as a result of the governments foolish policies. How a business be striving well and yet fire more than 14 million people with 2 years? 

Did I hear him say "he is proud of their achievements in security in Nigeria?" - I rest my case.

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