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British Prime Minister, Theresa May Calls For Same Sex Marriage In Nigeria

Frankly, I do not understand why these so called white people wants to impose their stupid and immoral religious believes in Africa by all means. I thought they are running a democratic government in their countries or don't we have the right to choose what is best for us as Africans? I can't understand their stubbornness. 

The other time it was Barrack Obama of United States and now is Theresa May of Britain. It was also because Goodluck Jonathan vehemently refused same sex marriage in Nigeria and even imposed 15 years imprisonment for anybody caught in the act. This was the reason Obama ensured GEJ didn't win his second term election in 2015.

Now here comes Theresa May, the Prime minister of the United Kingdom. She has called for same-sex marriages in Nigeria and all other countries within the Commonwealth. While speaking at the first joint forum at Commonwealth Head of Government Meetings in Westminster on Tuesday, the minister said there should be no laws criminalising same-sex relationships across the Commonwealth. 

She said she understands that most of the laws against same-sex marriages in the Commonwealth were made by the UK, adding that those laws were wrong then, and are wrong now.

It is indeed disturbing that these so called Western Imperialist will think of such thing in this perilous time. On top of all the things we are facing in Nigeria today (Poor health infrastructure, power problems, Fulani Herdsmen killings, Boko Haram insurgency, insecurity, collapsing educational sector) to mention but few, their best suggestion at this point is that; "We should let men sleep with other men and women with other women".

Why am I not surprised.

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Anonymous said...

She is stupid and delusional

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