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Actress Toyin Lawani Joins Moyo, Goes Unclad To Advertise A Product - Photos

Actress Toyin Lawani have takenbadvert to the next level and has been criticized for the part she chose to play. Nigeria and religious correctness and yet na them do atrocity pass. "Let he who have not sinned before cast his/her stone first". Anyone?

Well the actress went unclad for recent ad shoot and shared a photo via her beauty product page, in which she was seen advertising a particular product. The mom of two posed in a tub with nothing covering her b**bs but a hand over her bosom and the product, she’s `advertising.

Toyin wouln’t be the first to go unclad for a brand, as we saw Moyo Lawal, an actress go unclad to market a makeup brand and was even denying it ooo. Hmmm. 

So guys, what do you think of this trend of Nigerian celebrities going unclad to sell a product?

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